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So, commissions. I have been informed that people are still interested in buying artwork from me, and I am definitely interest in making some cash for groceries and paying off my ticket, SO.

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It seems I have been remiss in posting my icons. WHOOPS, FIXING THAT NOW.

3x White Collar (with thanks to radiophile)
5x Star Trek XI
15x Marvel Comics (Captain America, Captain Britain & MI-13, Marvel Adventures, X-Factor)
2x Dollhouse
2x Criminal Minds
2x for xturncoatxiii

2x White Collar banners

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comments appreciated, credit preferred, hotlinking makes captain america sadface
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fanart: before&after (Supernatural, Marvel)

have been sketching. That's not new. What's new is I managed to actually scan it in.

I figured, since I drew these in two such distinct steps, that I would upload the lineart before the finished product, if only for posterity.

Supernatural, Supernatural, and Marvel respectively (standard disclaimer applies.)
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textures by yunhe, Princess-of-Shadows, and letzte-Regen.
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